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I swore I’d never post a bathroom pic but ya know what, I’m not too good for a bathroom pic! That & 50% of my time is spent at home with kids so photo ops for a killer outfit just don’t happen often. I wonder what your behind-the-scenes looks like and if it resembles mine at all… A (mostly) happy, (sometimes lonely) mingling of motherhood & boss. I’m reminded today that although dates with my husband are far too infrequent, my kids consume my energy & my business is still a one woman show – I am living & breathing the unraveling of a dream… I get to date the man of my dreams forever, I have 3 beautiful, kind kids to pour my energy into & my business continues to grow & flourish! I am grateful for this season, I embrace it & I’ll choose to be present and invested in my life through every season!
Ps. Thanks to @thesovengard for having the cutest bathroom for this rare bathroom pic sighting!

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