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So, I’m doing a little series with this baaaassssic white t-shirt. They’re like gold in a wardrobe, after all! A clean, blank canvas to build on. My next handful of posts will include this tshirt & a few different ways you can style it with accessories! .
Let me reiterate for just a moment how much I LOVE to style & inspire people! I love to work with petite women, plus size women, tall women, average women, (all the women!!! And all the men!!) & I’ve had the honor of supporting all of those body types to help them embrace and feel confident with their personal style. That’s what this whole shindig is about, it’s not to build a brand around my face, even though I have no shame putting myself out there. It’s not to show myself off, (which may be hard to believe considering I’m the one in all these pictures, but not for long!) it’s about inspiring you! I hope to show you styles that you can tweak and twist to fit your body type and wardrobe. (And if you can’t do it alone, that’s what I’m here for!) I realize there are endless body types and what I show in my feed doesn’t work for everyone, it isn’t meant to. It IS however, meant to inspire everyone; women of all shapes & sizes and I dream of the day I’m able to feature every body type on my feed! I understand that I’ll be critiqued and my content will be judged, this is social media and that’s the name of the game. But that doesn’t change the heart behind why I do what I do. Right now my business is me and the few people behind the camera working really hard to connect with you and inspire you. From the deepest place in my heart guys, THANK YOU for supporting me! I have been so encouraged and empowered by the community I’ve built here and I am so grateful for every single one of you! SO many great things are ahead! .
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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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