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My little family. Today I choose to be aware, aware of myself, my surroundings, my people & my heart. Aware of the dancing steam from my fresh coffee, the warm air pouring into our home & my little humans belly laughing together. Today I feel a whole heap of grateful. Grateful for a husband who cherishes & believes in me, for kids who tell me they love me & that my 4 year old boy says he’ll marry me some day. I’m grateful for the memories both near & far that I’ve been a part of creating & the ones ahead of me I have yet to take part in. I love that this life is full of adventure & that unknowns don’t have to be scary with Jesus on our side. It’s easy to get busy and distracted from the things that offer us connection to ourselves & the world around us, this life isn’t only about attaining our own greatness or conquering our fears. It’s about being a friend to the lonely, a supporter of the broken, it’s about standing in the gap for our hurting sisters & offering acceptance in a broken world. If people knew to love well, to be considerate, to stand up for the truth, to be slow to anger & quick to forgive, to walk graciously & not be judgmental then the world around them would slowly become a safe haven to so many who need it. Today I’m choosing to be aware of my words & how they impact the people I interact with, I’m choosing to be invested in each moment & spend them with intention. ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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