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Because fishnets and a little bubble sleeve make the world a better place! Well, my world anyways! Maybe plaid or stilettos make your world a better place! That’s the beauty of this style thing, we all have things that make us feel beautiful and express our individuality! There are ways to incorporate styles/trends outside of your comfort zone into your wardrobe in a really comfortable way. I love helping women discover their style & it’s just so much easier done when you understand your body type, fabrics & colors that works best for you. Those are things that I love to help my clients understand! I not only work one on one, I’ve had the honor to be able to speak to rooms of women that all struggle with the same things… positive body image, frustration over getting dressed or shopping, understanding how to best dress their body type and I would love to do so much more of that! If you have a need/want for a styling workshop or body type workshop please contact me! I would love to help!

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