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Self reflection has become a regular activity around here as of late. I want to live in a constant position of gratitude & awareness – for my life journey so far and the things I have yet to discover in my story.
I feel full of eager anticipation for the things ahead! But today I also feel aware of the process, the steps I’ve walked that have lead me here. They’ve written a lovely little story and today is a valuable part just like the rest, a page that holds a new paragraph in my story. Like with the unfolding of spring, everyday is significant; the rainy days that soften the earth, the sunny days that feed the soil, all with the anticipation for new life to emerge.
But the process couldn’t begin without a seed – like a vision for the flower from the hand of the planter, my God anticipates the moment my life emerges into something new and beautiful and I come alive! The way I did when I got married or became a mom, the way I did when I overcame anxiety and grew in confidence! The way I will so many more times in this life! So, I’m aware of the process and grateful for the days and moments that push me closer to another season of refreshing and newness! .
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