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What if she could be saved BEFORE she enters a life of trafficking?! It is an honor to partner with @lovejusticeintl to bring awareness and opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around the world! Did you know that 24-40 million people are in slavery around the world? That is absolutely horrific. LoveJusticeInternational steps in during the process of trafficking to rescue women BEFORE they’re tricked into a life of slavery. They have saved over 13,500 lives… YOU GUYS!! We have the chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus, even if that’s simply investing in & equipping people like LoveJustice to be able to continue to do their work! It costs a little over $100/month to save a life, to SAVE A LIFE! I am moved and shaken by this organization and hope you feel a tug in your heart to support them!
Why ‘Project Beautiful’?
“We believe every life is beautiful.
She is a child of God, and He knows her by name.
She is worth everything to Him.
She is not just a victim.
She is human. She is precious.
She deserves to be free.
Because every life is beautiful.”
?: @kelseyhettinga
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