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I want to be authentic. (And good at math, but yikes… that is not the case!) I want to be true to who I am & approachable to all people! I hope to always offer my support and encouragement to people who need it and never make them feel invaluable or unimportant. Everyone has value, everyone is worthy of acceptance.

I don’t always do well the inauthenticity of social media. The fact that it’s a constant guessing game about what is real vs make believe is exhausting. I’m guilty of posting pictures I feel the best about but I don’t post them to gloat, or because I think I’m beautiful – in fact, I think my nose looks disproportionate to my other features in photos and showing my teeth is another one of those touchy subjects. I love style, I love clothes, I post my photos because I hope to inspire people! But also because it keeps me moving forward with my business since I am one of those people who fights with self doubt when momentum seems to fizzle.

I am however, confident. Sure that God made me with purpose! He gave me talent that will be used and needed and bring life to lots of people! I love what I do, I’m willing to fight for it and keep going through the hard days and moments of self doubt because someone needs me to show up & be the best possible version of myself! For me, it isn’t about just me. It’s about the people who need me to show up and be a stylist, a friend, an open ear, someone who won’t judge them or shame them. •
I’m in this thing to do what I love, to be successful at it and watch it produce fruit that lasts in people’s lives. Jesus gave me the vision for LivStyled, He keeps me grounded and full of hope for my future, He opens doors that I am in awe of and He is faithful!

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I mean it, I’m really having a hard time getting over these balloon sleeves! So good.
But also, church this morning… no joke, kids. I’m stoked to attend a church where I leave feeling challenged spiritually, excited about my future, supported and loved, filled up with vision and expectant for great things! Taking this step with styling has been vulnerable and intimidating at moments. It’s also been thrilling and full of excitement! But I’m human. I doubt my ability, feel insecure, fight with comparison and THEN I’m reminded by a God who loves me that I’m worthy of success, I’m deserving of a voice, I have Him in my corner directing my steps and asking me to trust His leading, and that I’m not other people – I’m me and he has a plan for ME! He leaves me feeling capable, valuable, favored & full of faith – I’m surrendering that battle! It’s His! This little adventure I’m on is His to breath life into and who am I to doubt His plan for my life or limit it’s greatness with fear?! I’m humbled that He believes in me and has even greater vision for my life than I realize! I’m excited to see it all unfold and I choose to hold my life with open hands held high for Him to use! ? @helloimemmaquinn .
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