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Shall we go on a little adventure together?! I’ve finally done it! I’m taking the plunge into the vast, lovely world of fashion blogging (site coming soon!!) personal styling, family & life! I hope to offer you a place to connect, to feel alive and excited, validated and free, a place to feel inspired by attainable fashion and easy ways to adjust your life to look more like you desire it to! Even if it’s just through lipstick shades and different ways to style a basic T-shirt!
Styling is what I love most! If you’re in need of a full closet renovation, styling for an upcoming event or just need a few new timeless pieces, then I’m eager to connect with you!
Until my website is up and accessible please feel free to email me with any questions!

I’m excited and ready to take 2017 by force! (And cozy sweaters and coffee, it’s freezing!!) So, here we go!
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Photo taken at: Roots Brew Shop

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