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I’ll love you forever. Tomorrow I’m 32 years old & 8 days later we cheers to ELEVEN years as Mr. & Mrs. ✨
When I reflect on my life so far I’m humbled that I’ve been so fortunate. Life is messy, it’s hard & full of exhausting battles BUT battles can be won, messes can be cleaned up and hard things take work but get easier with time, understanding and patience. I’m so loved, I’ve never doubted that for a moment in my life – that’s something I have never taken for granted. As I get older I really understand that love offers a safe place – for you, for the refugee, for the abused & broken. A place where we are reminded that we are worthy of being loved. We get broken in relationship but we can also heal in relationship where love is pure. I have learned that love DOES – love isn’t silent, it doesn’t see a hurting person & turn away. Love believes the best, it makes a way for broken people, it offers hope. Pure love has the power to rebuild our brokenness. The way Scott loves me is something he chose to do, he chose to be intuitive & aware of my heart and love me in a way that I’m grateful for every single day.

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