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Mix your colors. Just do it! Mix em up, throw them on & be on your merry little colorful way! SO many colors work awesome together, not just for the eyes but for your energy! I know, I know, Black is the shiz that steals the show for a LOT of you and that’s a-ok! Black is classy & timeless, you can’t go wrong with it. Color isn’t for everyone but I WILL challenge you, add a color or a few (its ok, breeeathe!) colors & see how it makes you feel! Simple suggestions for those of you that often reach for black: -colored shoes -statement, colored earring -headband/barrette with color
-color nail polish
-colored fanny or bag
Aren’t sure if your colors work we together? Send me a pic f your outfit!! I’ll let ya know!

Adding color is like salt on the rim of your marg, it’s delish without but the salt is what makes a marg so dang extra.
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