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You are enough. You are worth investing in. Your dreams are worth taking the risk for. The things that bring you life are important! As a mom I’ve carried this thought that I’ll be frowned upon for wearing too many hats… that raising my kids and building a career shouldn’t go hand in hand. For so long I fought fear that my kids would feel put on the shelf if I sacrificed even a moment of my time with them to invest in a career. Or that they would turn out to be wretched little humans if I didn’t give up everything and give them ALL of me.
I was wrong. The people who made me feel shame for wanting more than being a stay-at-Home-mom were wrong. I’ve learned that a child who knows they’re loved & feels secure, is there cheering mama on to become a success in her endeavors! Mamas success is theirs to celebrate too!
When Delaney says I’m a great stylist, I feel humbled. When I get to buy the kids something fun with my earned money, I feel proud. When I take a step back and I realize that the dreams in my heart were put there by a God who calls me worthy, deserving & capable, I understand that He also equipped me to walk through motherhood & my career with grace and balance. Moms are bosses.
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