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Getting older is the trippiest thing, I’m layering on thicker night creams and spf these days but I’m also becoming someone I’m more and more proud of. I care less about what other people think of me and more about what I think of myself. My sister @thecozinessconsultant and I often talk about ‘doing the work’ in this life which essentially means choosing to approach the hard things from childhood to adult by identifying behaviors, themes, dissecting relationships, walking through forgiveness, understanding your values, setting boundaries & always ALWAYS choosing to see when you’re wrong and how you can grow from each interaction in your life. It’s pretty wild how many heart things get exposed and how your perception changes about so many, many things when you’re willing to do the work! There’s a part of you that dreads getting older and then there’s this other part that feels more sure of who you are and more aware of the ripple you want to leave behind each season you walk through. Cheers to #33 and all of the things ahead of me! Ps. Since I’m new on…
These tees are so worth the investment, they’re soft & timeless. There are so many great ways to style them! Im wearing a medium for a little extra room, they’re supposed to be a little baggy – just the way I love em! True to size. #liketkit #LTKstyletip #LTKfit #losangeles #personalstylist #wardrobestylist #tee #tshirt #beyou #gettingold #wardrobe #sandiego #dothework

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