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Delaney. Oh how I love you, my girl. Lipstick and oranges, she does things right!
Here’s a little homage to raising daughters. They watch & learn from our every move as a mother & woman, they mimicking our body language and notice how we respond in moments of upset. They hear our quiet comments about our bodies or the fact that we can’t leave the house without make up on; although some days I intentionally choose to go without a painted face simply because I know she notices – there’s so much power in what they observe. I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to raise this beautiful girl, to show her how to get her hands dirty & work hard but also how to slow down and value ourselves with the brightest pink nail polish & some dancing in the kitchen. I’ve done my best to show her how to respond in love but also that humility in acknowledging our shortcomings & offering apologizes when necessary is another form of beauty. She challenges me to be aware of my heart, she doesn’t even know that she pushes me to be reach farther and sprint after my dreams so that she know she can do the same. I commit myself to raising her to love Jesus & understand His grace, to be kind & accepting, silly and free spirited, strong & confident of who God made her to be & always know that I’m a safe place for her. Delaney has the most beautiful heart and I am so grateful she’s mine forever! .
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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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