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I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist but shoot girl, I deeply appreciate the intentionality of someone who is! Doing this shoot was so fun, it highlighted a woman in her real work environment wearing uncomplicated clothes that stand for something powerful. @joonandco Supports the women behind the garments and some of their powerful causes and stories! It’s clear, simple, honest & empowering! Why is it that as emotional beings we complicate everything?! I mean sometimes the ingredients in food are so complicated that I just come to the conclusion it’s probably made of poop and they’re using fancy terms (no one understands) to hide it from us… those jerks. I mean for real, there’s an ‘its complicated’ option on Facebook to define your relationship… mmmmm, if mine fell under that category I’d probably reassess my values and priorities in that relationship. Although I learned that the hard way, don’t we all? ?When it comes to fashion errrrrrrything is complicated – wait, are bandanas still a thing?! Soooo is it ok to wear h&m again or are we all still angry at them?! I have to buy this white tee because it’s $65 so I’m sure it’s ethically made from organic cotton… right?! I’m striving to un-complicate things in my life this year. To say yes when opportunities are good & clear and no when they’re not. To pour my heart into life giving friendships and draw a line when things are wishy-washy. To be honest about my current season & not pretend I have it all together when I don’t. There are solutions to complicated situations and I’m determined to find them by being aware and doing my best to keep a minimal mindset in a chaos filled world.
Dress: @joonandco
Photographer: @sarahjanephotography_
Model: @ke1brown
Makeup&hair: @samklugartistry
Stylist: Myself
#realtalk #worryless #itscomplicated #easy #peaceofmind #red #ethicalfashion #supportwomen #womensfashion #womensupportingwomen

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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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