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I was swooning over this sweet little corner at last nights dinner party! @cvbecker hosted & spoiled us with some of the tastiest fall foods & sincere conversation. I was reminded how necessary it is to be present & aware, to slow down & invest in the special moments but also the mundane. The warm & delicious food, the soft lighting, the laughing between two friends in a separate conversation, the earthy smell of the hand soap, the sacred & vulnerable emotions – there was so much to embrace. My family recently endured the tragic loss of my spirited aunt & one of the girls at last nights dinner is coming up on 6 months since losing her twin brother. It was a whirlwind of things appreciated & treasured; each one of us contributing significance & offering a safe place to let our hair down. Find rest in the place you’re in, wander through your wilderness of uncertainty with grace & hope, treasure the people close to you & remind yourself that the very breath you breath is a gift.

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