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Ya want real life? There she is! A photo of me working the week before Christmas, blurry from tiny greasy hands on my phone. My 4 year old spontaneously took this picture 🙂 So many jobs are over glamorized and feel untouchable or elite. My job can sometimes fall into that category – like it’s not attainable to have a personal stylist. Do you get your nails done so you feel pampered? Because they last a lot longer and look beautiful? Probably! Even though you could buy cheap polish & paint them yourself just to have them chip that night… there are reasons services like mine exists, to offer quality and expertise where you need it. You don’t have to have it but it could change your life – as I hear from 100% of my clients! WHY I do this job is because every woman deals with insecurity & busyness, clothes should not add to the frustration or chaos. They should empower you & give you confidence! Yes I love fashion! I love trends & style! But I love to help lift burdens that get too heavy for women to carry, style is something we can control when other areas of our lives feel disheveled. I do what I do not because it’s glamorous (although I love me some designer shopping & sparkly everything!), I do it because for so many women it’s a problem that I have the solution to & I’m passionate about it. ❤️

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