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It doesn’t get more real than this. It doesn’t get more real than battling worry or silencing deafening, fearful thoughts. Or having chapped hands from over sanitizing because hubby still has to go to work & all you want is to protect your family from germs that could be carried too close to home. It’s REAL to wonder about your kids schooling or if you’ll have a job after all of this, to think about the impact this will have on those littles who need the stability and protection of a dependable, safe school where they can get an extra full belly or our elderly loved ones & immunosuppressed that need extra safe shelter from the outside world. It’s real to dread running to the store to find empty shelves. But you know what else is real? God is BIGGER. The vastness of His love covers this world & bridges hearts all across the globe to support to each other! Organizations that can provide meals for kids are being financially poured into, we have more time to BE with our families – to teach our kids & to protect them. Grocery stores have established hours just for the elderly to safely shop, we are choosing to protect our neighbors & those at higher risk by quarantining so we stop the spread. We are choosing each other in a world that so often chooses ourselves. There are far too many unanswered questions & too many opportunities to worry but if there’s one thing we can put our hope in, it’s God! He created us to heal. He’s redeeming, He fights for us against an enemy that comes to steal our peace, kill with a virus & destroy our economy. If you don’t have hope that God is greater, what do you hope in? He will keep fighting on our behalf but He calls you to fight the good fight of faith too, don’t carry fear onto IG or spread it along with the virus. Choose to speak hope, to believe in the good that the world is creating in the middle of chaos, to have faith that God is still good in a broken world. And when this is all over, keep choosing each other. .
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