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We’ve done it!! Eleven years!! Honestly, This guy deserves so much more than an Instagram highlight shout out, he deserve my time and attention. He deserves quiet nights in with my phone turned off and my heart & mind wildly connected to his. He deserves to see me and know me in all of my forms and to be honored for the vast sacrifices he has made to help our family flourish! He protects me physically, mentally, emotionally & invests in my spirit. He challenges me to see my own strengths, to really understand & identify them so that my confidence grows. He guards my mind and remains faithful & transparent. He and I really are better together, but we’ve had so many opportunities to cave and throw in the towel – haven’t we all?! We’ve had to work through some (very) hard situations, we’ve fought & the couch gained a body for the night. We’ve had upsets and disagreements with the best of them but he STILL chooses to love me & hear me. He’s my ultimate person, the one who tells me every day how beautiful I am. I’m grateful and humbled that he is mine. ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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