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I don’t love pink. But I sure am wearing a lot of it in this picture! (Happy Vday!!) This obnoxious jacket gave me so much life last winter! It was bright & warm & sassy and all of the things I needed it to be to make me feel happy! Guys, that’s what it’s all about – this life. It’s about living happy and letting it ooze (even though that’s the worst word in the English language) from every facet of our being so we can spread it around and mix it in and let it overpower all the confusion and discord in the world around us. Every day we have a choice to make – to contribute to our grumpy, judgmental world or to stand up for something that creates life & leaves an impact, a legacy of delight & fulfillment. I choose happy! I choose to silence judgements, to embrace differences in people, to wear a baby pink jacket when I feel like it, dang it & to not leave room for comparison or self doubt. I’m worth it and so are you. .
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Photo taken at: San Elijo Hills, San Marcos, California

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