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These babes! They make me feel like a crazy lady some days while others they have me convinced I’m the most admired, strongest woman in the world! As long as I have the chance to, I will choose to stay in the moments that makes me feel the deepest with them – when I’m angry to my core I’ll stay and choose to extend extra grace, when I’m excited I’ll get up and dance to make my kiddos giggle and stay there lingering in the silliness. When bed time rolls around and I’m exhausted I’ll choose to stay, snuggle & always pray for their hearts. When they’re angry, I’ll sit in silence offering them a safe place to talk when they’re ready. Part of being able to stay in those moments is learning where the weak spots are in me & allowing the friction I feel with my kids & the grace of God to dissolve them instead of becoming overrun by them. I want to always remember that my littles are learning from me, they’re taking something away from every moment, every interaction with me. I’ve only got a short season to be the mom I want to be while they’re little. They test my patients, my self control, my sanity & sometimes I fail miserably and like adults, children deserve respect and part of that is acknowledging when I’m wrong and saying I’m sorry. It’s not my favorite thing to embrace the personal challenges that come with the motherhood – growth is rarely a comfortable process – but you better believe I will always accept the challenge and give myself grace the same way I would with them. Being a mom is brutal and beautiful, consuming and liberating and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it! .
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