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Some days I lose my mind completely. Others, I’ve never known such peace being in a season of stillness with my family. It’s very much a day-to-day question of, ‘how’s this day going to go?’ I forget what it feels like to have extra time for myself or the mental capacity to dream about my business endeavors or the ways I want to see it grow beyond this wildly unpredictable season. But what I have had time for is loving my kids, for getting lost in the chaos and creating something fun out of it, for embracing the moments that we overcome difficulties and trade them for fruit that remains & for accepting that my personal time is at 11pm with my fav snack in a safe house. We’ve watched too much tv, we’ve eaten our weight in bread & burritos (gotta support that local taco shop ya know!) but we’ve played hard, we’ve loved hard & despite difficulties we’ve laughed and we’ve felt safe. We’ve grown together. If that’s what we get out of this then that’s ok with me! Growing with the people I love the most, protecting them & investing in them. Because even if my efforts aren’t specifically directed at myself I’m growing as a mama, I’m becoming more self disciplined and more aware of what’s the most important in this lifetime – my people. .
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