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January. The month of fresh starts, refreshed vision & renewed motivation! This month I officially started training my first ever assistant stylist! That felt like a big step in the right direction, a big step also into unknown territory that totally freaks me out. But hey, if you don’t take the scary steps forward then the growth seizes to exist and that’s something I refuse to let happen. I had this realization recently, if my mentality moving forward is full of ‘somedays’ then I’m not really running after my dreams, I’m crawling toward them. That’s when I decided that now is the time to start training my first ever newbie because the day WILL come (and it’s quickly approaching!) that I need her. Expecting that growth, investing in it now and keeping vision for what’s beyond it means that I’m running full speed ahead! My heart and hands are open to the Lord to do His thing through my business and He will continue to open the doors if I continue to put my expectation in Him. I am a grateful and busy mom boss and it’s the greatest feeling in the world!

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