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Join us for an intimate evening designed to help you SIMPLIFY every aspect of the holidays so you can SAVOR them.
Let’s face it — the holidays are beautiful, but they can be stressful. Every time you turn around there are parties to attend, tricky relationships to navigate, extra expenses you haven’t planned for, errands to run, the constant struggle of ‘what to wear!? and loads of gifts to buy.
But if we’re really honest, what we most want is a relaxing, meaningful season where we actually sit down and enjoy time with our loved ones. Why not make THIS the year you reclaim that magic?!
Join @thecozinessconsultant and I for an evening of simplifying and savoring all things holiday! Only 25 spaces are for up for grabs which gets you tastings, recipes, shopping tips, outfit ideas, and girl… SO much more including q&a time with each of us and lots of personal connection! We are so excited! Link is in my bio for tickets!!

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