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My life has been consumed with painting, scrubbing grout, cleaning door jams, pulling weeds, solo parenting & often feeling like I’m barely keeping my head above water long. This is a gentle reminder to myself that although life is (complete chaos) slightly out of the norm right now, I am the same me. The same hard working, bust-A girl boss, energetic & diligent mom, fun loving wife & adventurous friend. Tough seasons can take a toll while walking through them but we often don’t realize what we are actually learning with each step along the way. We grow, we accept challenges & fight to over come them, we get sharpened & refined if we choose to keep on going believing that we are worth it & that we are more than conquerors. I suppose this isn’t just a reminder to me, but to you too! Your tough seasons don’t define you, they build you. Keep on truckin’ girl, silence the chaos and take a big, deep breath and remember who you are! You’re a conqueror! .
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