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When you think of your happiest, most confident clothes – what triggers that inward exhilaration for you? Color? Texture? Bold print? Clean lines? Simplicity? There are so many, many things that contribute to our personal style but the most important of them all is how you feel in what you’re wearing! If you only wore what made you FEEL AMAZING then your style would take shape all on its own because confidence would emerge! When we feel frustrated and insecure in our clothes the total opposite happens, we feel unsure & insecure which translates too easily to awkwardness and constant self doubt. We carry ourselves differently and the cycle of self doubt gets fed. If you could wear one thing for the rest of your life (that’s not strictly lounge wear, that’s an obvi one!) what would it be? Does a color come to mind? Fabric? Print? Certain silhouette? Dive further into what it is about that thing that makes you FEEL secure & don’t let people or social pressures make you change your mind. Lean into that thing and start exploring it more! For me, I’d choose tshirts – I stopped telling myself they’re too boring and I started challenging myself to wear them more and style them differently simply because I felt good in them, now it’s a uniform! I feel confident, sexy, secure & totally myself when I wear one that I love! Take off your insecurity outfit and put on your confidence uniform! .
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