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These three. I have never second guessed pressing pause on my career to give them all of my heart, I think that’s because I never let myself stop dreaming. That doesn’t mean I didn’t fight with thoughts of doubt – I definitely did. A lot of women feel like they lose their dreams when ‘mama’ becomes their title, understandably so! The demand to be present and available for them doesn’t leave much free time to invest in ourselves as women apart from being a mom. But can I just throw this out there… choosing to be a mom first in no way disqualifies you from chasing after your dreams! They might get a little dusty but they’ll still be there when you’re ready to pursue them! And for mom’s who need to work to provide, that doesn’t discount you as a mother! Finding the balance is HARD! I continue to see women show up, give it their everything in their careers and at home and seriously right now, y’all are BOSSES. I’m just really proud of so many of you for doing what you can to hold onto your dreams through the sacrifice of raising kids & when the time comes for YOU to shine, God honors the sacrifice and it doesn’t go unnoticed by those around you. I’ve become a pillar of strength in my kids eyes, a place of refuge & peace – someone I wasn’t familiar with before my kids helped me see that that’s part of who I am to my core. Raising those babes is a beautiful sacrifice! #proudmom #mompreneur ? @kelseyhettinga

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