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A sneak peak from today’s shoot with a few locals that seriously left me floating! Collaborating is the best! Well when it works as seamlessly as it did today, anyways. I’m ALL for partnering to create magic, without a doubt – but that’s not always the outcome, I’ve gotten majorly burned and discouraged as a result of collabs too. (Am I allows to say that or this a taboo topic?! I don’t really care either way. ??‍♀️)
But I choose to keep going, to forget about the people who treated me poorly or felt for some reason they had to bulldoze me. Maybe I was a threat? If that’s the case they never took the time to know me, my vision or my heart and that’s a bummer because I’m a pretty easy person to buddy up to! Needless to say, I’m a little bit more careful with who I choose to partner up with these days.
Today I worked with @helloimemmaquinn @alyssamcelheny @launchsalon and they were all of the things (and more!) that you hope for in a project! We made magic. I have more projects coming that I’m very excited to share with you all!! Plus more stunners from today’s shoot as well! .
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