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Simpler outfits are my jam! They are super easy to wear casual or super easy to nip and tuck (or in this case, knot and throw on some fuuurrrrr) to make a little more sassy! I like sassy, sassy feels good. Some times sassy makes me feel like I can conquer the world, or at least my day – picking up kids and buying groceries is a lot more fun when I wear fur and burgundy lipstick! So, why not?! Step outside of your comfort zone and sass things up my friends! Feel alive!
Start with an accessory that’s a little louder than your used to! Maybe a statement earring, a fur scarf, a top knot… on the top, like all the way up there! Or maybe start with going one shade more vibrant on your lips! You got this!! And then selfie it & tag me, because feeling confident is worth sharing and I wanna see you shine! ? by @helloimemmaquinn
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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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