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What in the?! It seems SO surreal that in just over 3 weeks we will be living on the west coast again. I haven’t had the time to dream about what it might look like for us living in Ca this time around. I don’t just feel like a totally different person since our move to the Midwest, I AM a different person. I’ve had such awe-inducing opportunities here that have left me reeling in gratitude & personal growth. Now more than ever I’ve come to really grasp that time is fleeting and that what I do with my time, my life, is entirely up to me. Every interaction, every step, every opportunity is a choice I have the privilege to explore and grow through! I used to be afraid of the big dreams. The ones that made me ask myself, “who the eff do you think you are Liv!? Why do you think you have what it takes? There’s nothing extraordinary about you.” I know I’m not alone here, guys – what debilitating things have you believed about yourself? Cuz dang, they’re such lies. What once made me feel inferior now lights a fire in my soul, not because I’ve mastered self confidence or I’ve achieved something extraordinary and I have the world at my fingertips… because I understand my design. That I was wired with compassion & tenderness, with gifts not for my own gain but to impact those around me. I was created with a purpose to change the world around me simply by being me! By offering my abilities to help people who need them, fear wouldn’t only hold me but it would steal from those I was created to impact for good. I am very excited about what’s next for this Midwest girl & curious how the Lord will use me. .
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