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Dancing into our weekend and feeling so very happy about it!! But seriously, if you’re grumpy go crank the music and dance your buns off – works for me on an almost daily basis! Ya know what else works on an almost daily basis?? Denim jackets! Game changer. They come in every fit, shade & style you can imagine! What’s your jam?? Distressed? Oversized? Clean lines? Light wash? GF I encourage you to find the perfect denim jacket and don’t be afraid to wear holes in the elbows – love it well and wear it often! And don’t forget to dance in it!! Style tip: don’t be afraid of a denim jacket, search for the one that offers you all things you hope for and go for it! Wear it with dresses, T-shirt’s, denim on denim, over a hoodie… I’m convinced there’s no wrong way! Happy Friday! ✨?
Amazeballs photo by @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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