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Yeah, I get stuck in (effing, cuz these kinds of ruts deserve a swear word) clothing ruts too. Sometimes I try something new, look at myself in the mirror & OLIVIA!! All the bad thoughts come flooding in like a freight train. Walking out of the house feeling uninspired & self conscious sets a real positive tone for the day, doesn’t it? No thanks! But this is what I’ve come to understand about clothes, they’re just like every other relationship we have. We search for security, comfort, safety, inspiration & identity in them. They help to shape us into who we want to become & what we believe about ourselves. I want my clothing to offer security in areas I might not always feel good about. And all relationships need to be kept in check right?! I mean if home girl is stirring up some trouble you walk away! You (ideally, I know that’s not always easy) set boundaries to protect your heart. Typically we are drawn to people who make us feel inspired, understood, free & alive – people we feel proud to be seen with! Insert your wardrobe here… if you start your every day off feeling depleted, uninspired & self conscious then your relationship needs to change for your own well being. People and clothing should not becoming a hinderance to your potential or your overall health & beliefs about yourself. I am not a stylist just for the glamor (but let’s be real I def drool over the fancy things), I am a stylist because I believe in your potential and that your clothing is a major way of unlocking it! Set a boundary with your clothing like you would with someone who’s stealing your joy, get rid of them. They’re not worth keeping close if all they do is hurt you. ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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You were designed to shine in your own shade of brilliant! Dig deep, find what stirs magic in your heart and start writing it all down. Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be paralyzed by fear of being good enough. Believe that you were given dreams, hopes and desires by a God who has seen every step that will get you where you dream of going! By a God who opens the doors that illuminate the path ahead of you! The world can be an ugly, judgmental & unforgiving place – offer your splash of authenticity, creativity & grace to the world around you! Side by side we can influence the world by being who we were created to be! .
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A little heart.

So, this is what a first blog post looks like! Well, what do ya know!? What I’m still trying to figure out is why I’ve dragged my feet about taking this plunge into the blogging world. I suppose part of me didn’t want to get lost in the endless sea of blogger-beauties out there and I’ve always had to fight the urge not to be the fish swimming up stream, ya get me? So my pride aside, here I am. I had the realization recently that I’m cool with blogging as long as it inspires, bleeds authenticity and offers a place for you feel like you belong. A place you can turn the switch off in your busy day, if only for a moment.

 All of that aside (for now) I’m here because of a life long dream to be a fashion stylist! Some one who can support the every day woman through her personal style journey. I’ve quickly learned through my work that the journey encompasses seasons of life that hold significance for each woman. Some that have had new babes, some that have lost weight and feel like they’re dressing an entirely different person, some that simply feel lost when it comes to their personal style and wonder if they’ve even got one at all! Every single woman is different; each one beautiful with a story worth sharing.

Coco said it best,

I hope to offer you a way to connect to the fashion world but also to my world! I wear so many hats like so many of you! My days are full of running kids around, fashion research, exhaustion, personal styling and shopping, wife-ing, grocery shopping, coffee, emotional days and days to celebrate! I hope this can be one of the places you come and feel understood. Where whatever hat you’ve got on for the day is being worn by other women too, even if it’s styled a little differently.

 Today I’m wearing my mom hat, stylist hat and I just picked up this blogger hat that I’m still getting a feel for! You’ll have to let me know what you think sometime. So, I suppose that’s it then. I’m a stylist and I’m a blogger. Maybe. We’ll see.

Thanks for being here, I am SO glad you are!