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This cold weather (and my sore throat) have me day dreaming about San Diego & that warm sunshine I was lounging in only days ago! •
Church was SO life giving this morning! I had moments of serious appreciation for the way God strategically & creatively did things in the Bible and the fact that He hasn’t changed how He works today. He’s a strategic and intentional God that lays the steps before us, all He asks us to do it trust Him & keep following Him. •
When he asked Abraham to sacrifice Issac he knew that God was too faithful to make him follow it through, so he did it with complete peace and assurance that God had other plans in mind! Abraham didn’t doubt Gods goodness or leading. Of course That was true. He used that moment as a monumental one in the story of Jesus to show us the blessing and security in knowing & trusting that even when things look horrible and scary, He provides a way of escape when we trust His leading! That to reach the unseen doors we have to first find the ones that lead to it – He sees them all, he knows which steps and decisions need to be made to reach them and he provides what we need to walk through them. My spirit is full and refreshed!

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Sundays, I love you. Church this morning was nuts. I was so challenged and so inspired and SO grateful for a church that hits me square in the heart with straight up Bible! We forget that crap happens to everyone & not just us, it’s a normal part of life. The Bible doesn’t say that trouble wont come, it says, ‘when trials comes’ and then it offers us strategies to walk through it rather than get stuck in it. The enemy just loves to make us feel isolated and alone and if he can trap us there then he wins. Knowing what the Bible says about a God who fight with us & for us changes our fear reactions to a faith response. I needed that today! @newchapel Grand Rapids is the & you should come if you need some major encouraging!
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