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My people. Ugh!! They’re the coolest!! Our oldest will be double digits in 1 month and the following month my littlest will be 4 – the baby in him is dwindling & with that comes my ugly cry & an hour of watching baby videos every night. Time is the weirdest thing! Only 3 years ago we were living in California & taking care of a newborn, I had no idea I’d start my own business or be a homeowner! I remember throwing my hands up & telling Jesus if He had plans to change things up that I was up for whatever – the very next day (literally) the ball started rolling & a plan was being made for our move to Michigan! Sometimes He’s just waiting for us to realize we don’t run the show, if we’ll let Him open our eyes and hearts then He can show us the surprising and awesome things He has planned for us! ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto ✨

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Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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