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Last night I heard a random beeping in our house around 3am. I raised my head, wide eyed & assumed someone was lurking in the hall, naturally. They silently cracked open a very locked window, I know it!! (I can’t be the only one who jumps to these extremes, tell me I’m right & put my mind at ease!) I rested my arm on my husband and before I could say, “I hear a beep!” he was feeling my arm up & down as if searching for an ailment and instantly asked me if I was ok. In the moment I shook him off & said, “a beep!!” It wasn’t until my heart stopped racing and he identified the culprit (a dying microphone, thanks kids. Glad you slept though it ?) that I thought about his reaction to laying my arm on him in his sleep.
His innate, immediate & sincere concern for my well being had my head reeling with gratitude for him. I’m Olivia & I suffer from being a really deep thinker – the kinda gal that has a single eye opening moment that sends me into the depths of exploring Gods existence in my life. He was there in that moment, wrapped up in the man I love who instantly showed me my value to him without having to express it in mushy words.
I’ve felt this strange feeling of isolation and misunderstanding recently & what I realized in that brief beeping (no, do not insert a swear word there!) moment, was that Scott sees me & feels for me even in his most groggy form. That his heart has made room for me that holds me so closely I couldn’t be alone even if I tried. Marriage is a beast of frustrations, mountains to climb & the deepest, truest place of acceptance that I have ever known. Cheers to my husband, today & everyday for being my closest, most dearest & most loyal companion. ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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