The sunshine feels so happy! I’m thankful for hikes, bikes, water balloon fights, cold drinks, warm fires, the beach, friends & family. I’m thankful for fresh fruits and the farmers who gather them, for the rain and the soil. I’m thankful I can buy what I need for my family, watch Scott continue to work & for the hammock I got for Mother’s Day. I’m thankful for books and board games. I’m thankful for people who bring light to the world & continue to smolder the darkness. I’m thankful for the word of God that offers hope and peace daily & for people around me that encourage me. I’m thankful for my life, for my kids and my husband. I want to live my life in a posture of gratitude, joy & hope and not be overcome by the hard things of this world. That’s all you’ll find here – no judgement or unnecessary agendas, just my heart with its vulnerabilities, transparency & honesty. ?

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Photo taken at: Carlsbad, California

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