It will never be normal to hide your face from strangers, to bury your smile behind fear or a mask. I will never accept that as normal. We were created to be in relationship, to fight for the orphan and the widow, to bear a heart full of grace & compassion for others. We were created equal, there’s no justification for judgement or shame in creation the way God intended it. It’s not ok to wander past a stranger on the street and assume the worst, it’s not ok to judge someone who is doing their best & never take the time to learn their story. Humans were created to thrive together and to show compassion and mercy, to love despite differences! This feels like an impossible time in our world but silencing fears & walking in peace with our neighbors is the only form of healing we’ve got to hold onto right now. Love your neighbor as you love yourself – in your mind what’s your worth? You have an opinion? You have a belief system? Good. So does your neighbor and it’s as worthy as yours. It isn’t shame and judgement that bring the world to freedom. It’s showing compassion, walking in patience, showing gentleness, using self control, finding joy & peace, treating others with kindness, goodness & love. Choose to be a splash of hope in your world.
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