Raising a daughter has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, because while raising her I have had the constant challenge to become the woman I hope she desires to emulate & although far from perfect, she has unknowingly pushed me to blossom with growth. I want my Delaney to always know her worth, to stand up for what she believes in unashamed, to love others & be a safe place. I want her to understand she was created with a purpose, to feel worthy, to be confident, to chase after her dreams with grit and grace & ya know what? I’m the female she needs to see embodying those things. I have so much growing to do but I will never stop going after it because she and I, we are both worth it! And YOU are worth it! Women need each other, to grow together, challenge each other to do the hard work and walk through a life of uncertainties knowing full well that they aren’t doing it alone and they’ve got a sisterhood standing beside them. .
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