When you slow the heck down to focus on yourself – not the mom version of you, or wife version, or friend, overworked or chauffeur version but the YOU-est version of yourself, are you getting everything you need? A few months ago I slowed down, practically stopped every busy thought, muted the mental to-do lists, escaped the routine of operating at peek stress levels and asked myself if I was prioritizing my needs as well as I need. The obvious answer is no, the problem is that living that way has become so normalized in our culture. There’s so much self care talk floating around which great, wonderful, fine… accept that’s become an expectation when in reality for so many it’s actually a luxury rarely given opportunity. I don’t have a solution other than to stop, to write down what you need and find the time. Self care isn’t just a bath and glass of wine, it’s getting your heart rate up & drinking enough water, it’s turning off your screens to sit and reflect on your life and identify areas that need more attention. It’s feeding your spirit and drawing closer to Jesus to pull from His grace and peace. It’s saying no when you need to. It’s giving your time and energy to something greater than you because self care isn’t just about us – it’s about becoming the best version of ourselves to pour into others. Of course it should include saunas, coffee, face masks, dancing, hiking & pampering too – YAS queen! So here’s your gentle reminder to prioritize your needs in whatever season you’re in! To be conscious of them & make time for them, you’re worth every ounce of peace they produce. Also, yes I have 3 chins in this picture… what’s it to ya? .
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