If you’re looking for a perfectly curated feed you will not find that here! Take this photo for instance – blurry, not posed whatsoever BUT it documents one of the most satisfying ugly laughs of my life! We laughed so hard that we ended up missing our stop because we were distracted and had to ride all the way to the last stop of the route adding 3 hours to our train ride! We were the only 2 on the train with the conductors that graciously (and luckily!!) took us back to our stop so we could get our car! It was both horrifying and one of the best memories of all time. Missing you, our ugly laughs and adventures @kelseyhettinga ❤️ What I want is to be a splash of real in a heavily edited place, to represent myself in a way thats reflects my values and life with accuracy – it’s too easy to get swept up in the faux images of peoples lives. Don’t forget your value isn’t measured by the clarity of your photos, the brands of your clothing or how you appear on IG – if you’re a different person face to face than you are on IG, chances are something is probably not in balance. Trust me, I’m guilty of this stuff too – we all want to feel relevant but we can’t attract our tribe by being a false version of ourselves. So here’s to being me! A happy, ugly laughing Olivia. .
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Instagram filter used: Clarendon

Photo taken at: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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