I feel like every post is the first post because I post so infrequently on IG. Are you starting to think the word ‘post’ sounds funny because of overuse? Anyone? Just me? K.
So, let me get down and dirty real quick, there are things you should about me before we take this to second base… I really don’t have a passion for fashion, I love style. I don’t always care about what’s happening on the runways because I care more about what’s happening in your closet and WHY it’s happening. More importantly, how I can help! I love the psychology of style, why we are drawn to certain colors and styles and what triggers our shopping patterns. Enough about that; I love a good belly laugh, the uglier the better! I’ve started probably 4 books over the last year and never, like ever, finish them – is that because I’m not an adult yet? I freaking love to dance, the truth is if you saw how I got down you might feel confusion & ask yourself, is this totally awesome or is she insane? It’s over the top and the best medicine! I’m an enneagram 4 which makes me want to swim upstream while also being your most loyal friend & a little moody mama at times. Family is top of my list, I’d walk away from life’s greatest opportunities to be a better mom & wife. The beauty of that is that I married a man who would encourage just the opposite. I’m a fresh plant lover and have actual anxiety when I see leaves start to brown. I love great skin care but often forget to wash my face before bed, I know, I know. I’m a quality time person and when I’m alone too much I sink into a bit of a self worth funk, it’s one of my daily battles. When I was in 8th grade our childhood home burned down, (it was even more traumatic than it sounds – I’ll share the story soon) the first thing I got out was my friends backpack and the last thing? My bird. I always hated that bird – chill out, it lived! And for way too long after that fire. ? Here’s what I’m working on: caring less about what others think & really embracing who I am, all quirks included! Walking outside of my comfort zone to pursue personal grow, finishing those freaking books I’ve started & drinking more water! Your turn!

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