I’ve turned into a crazy plant lady over the last year, on our aimless date a few days ago took us to Bambi plant store in Carlsbad and I got a string of pearls plant that I can’t stop staring at as if it were a new baby all swaddled up & ready to be snuggled! Anyways, these crazy pants are one of my new favs! I am a tee-shirt gal 90% of the time so having a little extra sumthin on bottom is where I try and add in more flava in wardrobe. Let’s be real I could have worn a solid white or black tee and these pants would have made it look dressed up, so easy! If you’re a tee shirt lover like me think of ways to add color, print or added textures on bottom. Examples: leather skirt, flowy pants like mine, paper bag pants, silk pants or skirt.
Don’t be afraid to play in your own wardrobe, mix things together that feel outside of your comfort zone and see what sparks some excitement! .
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Photo taken at: Carlsbad, California

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