Date night starting at 4:00?! Yassss we are! The only problem is that we left without any sort of idea where to go… I mean when you get the chance to get the eff out, you take it bro. But it doesn’t even matter because the car is quiet & we get to be wanderers for a few hours! Exploring aimlessly is always when you come across little treasure spots! I’ll be the first to say that parenting is for real our favorite thing (literally ever) BUT it’s so real to need a break. Prioritizing yourself, your marriage, dates & adventuring is necessary when it comes to being a balanced parent. It’s way too easy to get swallowed up in the routine of putting the babes first. #prioritizeyourself Also, we’ve been building this exciting little friendship with a phenomenal couple and after out aimlessness together we are heading to their place for wine & cheese & dinner & endless, easy conversation… dang that sounds fun. Cheers to getting out of the house, knowing your kids are being loved & cared for. Also cheers to #browflick from @glossier for being errrrything I hoped it would be! Happy freaking Saturday, friends! @rodriguez.han & Dre we are coming for you!! ?
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