I think you’re more than your appearance. Actually I know, I know that you’re worth more than the clothes you wear. There’s so much more to you. Our stories, our battles & victories all play a part in how we represent and perceive ourselves. They’re often what determines what we believe about what we are capable of, our measure of worth & belonging. If we chose to find our identity in the victories of our story & less in the struggle then I believe we would be completely different people! The tough grade school year’s leave their mark of insecurity, the messy family memories leave roots of inadequacy, the painful relationships dig into our worth and cause us to carry yet another weight. Financial instability says we will never be able to attain our goals let alone dress like we wish we really could. But what about the times you faced your fear, you believed you could & you did, when you found freedom from your struggle & fought for it! THIS is why I do what I do, because the painful parts of your story don’t have to determine the way you dress or carry yourself. Clothing is a trigger! If we wear clothes that we don’t love it make us feel insecure & uncomfortable, it’s a constant reminder of all the emotional weight we carry. There is a way to dress to unlock confidence & give the world a taste of your personality, what makes you SO wonderfully you! I believe whole hearted that how we dress is one element of discovering who we are & walking it out! .
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