I am a personal stylist, a strategic shopper, a wardrobe visionary. I am a mama, a wife, a homemaker & a believer in women – whatever their dreams may be! I believe in prioritizing myself as an entrepreneur & dreamer equal to my other titles because I choose to value & love myself as much as I love my family. It blows my mind that there’s a common thought that women’s dreams expire when they become a mother (while also fulfilling one by becoming a mama!) & I for one, am all for the women empowering women shift happening in our culture! For a woman to be believed in & reminded by other successful women that she CAN prioritize herself is a solid game changer. Even if prioritizing herself looks like a warm bath and a glass of wine without being interrupted! (For me it’s more like a weekend trip to Chicago for shopping and eating…??‍♀️) Our babies should never fall down the priority list & the truth is that neither should mama! When kids know they’re loved, seen & valued they don’t feel betrayed when mama has to go to work. They feel proud! I mean for real,
my kids share about my business during ‘good news time’ at school because they know they’re a part of its success! They don’t get cut from the dreaming or successes even if it’s not their own, they join in the celebration & suddenly they feel like they have ownership – it’s freaking beautiful (Insert ugly cry). I’ve made a lot of sacrifices as a mama, like the rest of you, juggling all of my hats & wearing certain ones longer than others. My dreams were sacrificed for a season so I could stay home with my babes as I had always dreamed I would, but those ambitions didn’t become less important through the process. I found people (shout out to you hubby, top of my biggest cheerleader list!) who saw my heart to become the best possible mother I could be but also chase my dream of becoming a stylist & gave me space to keep dreaming even if it’s reality was years away. Thats what we all need, people who remind us it’s ok to dust off the dreams & go after what we want, to remind us how important they really are when we are in a season of sacrifice. So,in case no one’s reminded you lately, your dreams are worth it!

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