What keeps you feeling grounded? Rephrase, what is it in your heart that offers you a sense of security & peace? My family is currently in a vulnerable season of transition where all kinds of unknowns are lingering in the space around us. I’ve chosen not to accommodate unrest or worry in my heart, although I used to which resulted in anxiety attacks & a very dark version of myself. Through that season I grew in self awareness and understood that I can not entertain the what ifs before their time. Maybe others can, but for me that’s a big one – a hard, conscious choice I have to make to protect myself. There’s too much of a chance they’ll never be more than just a ‘what if’ so investing my energy and emotions into them prematurely causes massive unrest that trickles down into my parenting, marriage & relationships. That means choosing peace and finding ways to obtain it. So today, despite the uncertainties, I’m not entertaining the what ifs. I’m edifying my heart & mind with worship music, coffee, sitting in the window where the sun is pouring in, spontaneous dance parties with my daughter, fueling my faith with the word, getting my work done while listening to a podcast and choosing to be present with my babies – not only I deserve the best version of me, they do too. ? @kaleighdsimmonsphoto

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