Since we talked about my boobs in my last post I thought it might be a good time to (re)introduce myself! Since we started off on such an uncomfortable note, I decided to reel things in & share some less intimate details about myself!
First of all you should know that I give zero craps about beauty products. I wear what’s suggested by people I trust & never (like ever) branch out! I find washing my face & pausing a movie to go to the bathroom both horrible inconveniences. I get bored with clothes quickly & want to constantly reinvent my wardrobe! If I make a new clothing purchase, I (try to) find something that needs to go in order to keep things in balance – more is not always better. Like you, I’ve endured a lot of heartache in my life that’s left some marks. But I’ve chosen to live a life of surrender in order to uncover the growth in those seasons & allow it to be turned around for good – even if it’s simply to reach one hurting girl who needs to know she’s not alone in her heartache, that I’ve been there too. The older I get the more I wish I would have used sunscreen sooner, fine lines are the enemy & I’m considering botox. Judge if you want, it won’t change my mind. I was a birth doula for years in CA, the beautiful moments that I shared with those birthing mamas, dads & fresh babies is something I will hold dear to my heart forever! I cried harder than all 3 of them every time the baby arrived, it felt like experiencing a miracle every single time!
Emerald green, painted nails, dancing & jeans are a few of my favorite things.
If there’s one (or 2) things I could shout from a mountain top it would be to stop living your life afraid. Fear holds way too many people back from finding breakthrough. I would also shout that Jesus is more real than the air you breath & dang it, the things He wants for you so far surpass your wildest dreams! Trust Him. My kids are unreal, they’re my ultimate passion and greatest source of insanity. The two babes I have in school have both received good character awards every single year. Mic drop. They’re kind little humans. Lastly, occasionally I ask Scott to check the basement for bad guys before I go to bed. It’s fine.

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