My lie: my boobs are too small to look womanly in a form fitted outfit. One of my truths: I’m outgoing, my ability to love others well is far more beautiful than the lie that my chest looks like a 13 year olds. Yes, that’s an actual thought I have had to fight to overcome. You’re not alone in fighting insecurity & just because someone’s eyes glance down at my chest does NOT mean they’re judging my bitty boobs. That’s a thought pattern that has to be broken if we ever want to move past an insecurity. And if they are judging it’s because they’re either a B or it’s because they’re dealing with their own insecurities, neither of which have anything to do with my boobs. It’s way too easy to notice a glance and consider it negative. Women are too hard on themselves when it comes to this! We allow those thoughts and insecurities to dictate the way we get dressed & I for one, am not ok with that.
It’s way too common for women to wear clothes that tell them everyday to feel bad about themselves. What we wear DOES matter, it communicates something to yourself & everyone you meet; Whether positive or negative. So when you feel kick A in an outfit it unlocks a dose of confidence and self worth in you that others pick up on! Suddenly their glances don’t carry so much negative weight. Step one: shake off the lies you’ve allowed in and write down your strengths.
Focus on what fuels you! Is it your creativity? Your femininity? Your edginess? Your need for comfort or simplicity?
Speaking out loud silences those harsh thoughts, when the lie creeps into your mind whisper out loud that you’re the best dancer there is, dang it! That you’re the best designer, communicator, you’re the best at advocating for others, at baking, at making others feel accepted, at decorating, whatever it is that makes you strong and beautiful! Whisper your truths and choose to believe that their beauty far outweighs any lie.
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