Only a liar can make you feel isolated in a world full of people fighting the same battles as you. Depression, anxiety, divorce, miscarriage, grief, insecurity, self doubt, fear… we’ve ALL experienced something that’s left us broken. Every. Single. One of us. (Yeah, it’s gettin’ real up in here.) The catch is that most of the time we to choose shame and isolation from our brokenness over believing that it doesn’t define us or determine our future. A perfect Insta photo is lovely but it’s too easy to hide behind & we can’t maintain a life that appears beautiful when everything behind the scene is falling apart. It took me a long time to stop feeling shame for miscarrying 3 of my 6 babies. Who told me that was MY fault?! Who says you deserved to be abused? Who said you aren’t good enough to chase after that dream? Those are lies that too commonly take the place of our truths – that we are beautiful, we are desirable, we are strong, we’re fighters, we’re creative & fierce and capable! These truths & lies bleed into every area of our lives including how we dress & carry ourselves. Welcome to my WHY! I don’t believe that any woman should wear clothes that lie to her every single day & tell her she’s not worth looking good and feeling good. Clothes that make her feel unattractive & uninspired. Not when it’s something we can work on gaining control of. Clothes trigger our insecurities or they make us feel confident! Go through your clothes, don’t hold onto the things that keep you feeling uninspired. Save a little money & replace that item with something that makes you feel killer incredible! Even if it’s just one piece at a time, eventually your wardrobe can be a safer place for you. I want that for you with all of my heart!
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