The beauty of a new year isn’t that it means I’ll be a new me, it’s the fact that I have a fresh start to becoming a healthier, more intentional me! Goals for the new year shouldn’t simply be ways to fix our current problems, they should be decisions we make intentionally to pursue health where we need it. Because a healthier you means growth, it means an increased capacity & greater sense of self worth, it means motivation and commitment that can’t stop, won’t stop. Imagine what you could accomplish if you were the healthiest version of yourself! You would be a fire so bright that no insecurity, no self doubt, no comparison could squelch it! My dreams are huge, massive, scary big… my goals are small, attainable steps toward achieving them! My goals for 2019 are to grow in self love, to become healthier spiritually so I can’t be shaken & so I can pour out into my business & my family. Healthier mentally so I’m aware & calculated, healthier physically so I’m peaceful & full of energy to chase after those big dreams. Cheers to 2019, I’m so ready for this!
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