Yesterday my childhood friend & cousin Justin went to be with Jesus after a cancer diagnosis only 5 months ago, he was 32. He was greeted by his mother, my aunt Dawn, who we lost only 3 months ago. It has been heart wrenching to watch the grief & questioning that has engulfed their family and the standstill we feel because we can’t fix it or offer the kind of peace they so desperately need. The holidays can be so hard for so many people & this year for our extended family it’s just unreal. Hold your family close, remember that Christmas is to celebrate a savior who restores hope & offers peace we can not explain. They may have left this life but they’ve been healed and made whole in a way we just can’t understand. Celebrate your loved ones, pray for those around you that are hurting, remember that this life is fragile & sweet and what’s important isn’t your likes or engagement. It’s the fact that you’re alive and have the opportunity to impact those around you in good & great ways. Don’t hurt people or think you’re better, don’t judge or hold onto unforgiveness. Be kind and aware of others, love your family, be gracious when someone’s difficult, be intentional. Embrace this life & choose to leave an imprint of grace.

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